Gobar Dhan Yojana – Gobar Dhan Scheme Yojna

PM’s Gobar Dhan Yojana was announced by the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on his budget speech on February 1. The Gobar Dhan Yojana was made public on the annual budget session of 2018-19. PM Narendra Modi give a great appreciation for Gobar Dhan Yojana on his Mann Ki Baat.

Gobar Dhan Yojana – By Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation

Gobar Dhan Yojana
Gobar Dhan Yojana

Gobar Dhan Yojana is a great Galvanizing Organic bio-Agro Resources Dhan (GOBAR –Dhan) that was announced by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley during the budget session on 1st February. The GOBAR DHAN Yojana launched by Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation will focus on converting and manging the cattle dung into farm waste and compost, Bio-CNG and Biogas. The Gobar Dhan Yojana will help in making villages clean and tidy and will indirectly help in Swach Bharat Yojana while increasing the productivity of the villages through the help of Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation.

On Mann Ki Baat held on Sunday Feb 4 PM Narendra Modi emphasised the main value of GOBAR DHAN Yojana. The Prime Minister has a detail discussion and talked about how the GOBAR Dhan Yojana will help villagers extra income for the cattle herders and farmers. Prime Minister said that in the budget.

On Feb 4 the Prime Minister also said that The Gobar Dhan Yojana will work as a source of income for the farmers living in Rural India.

The PM did an appeal to the citizens to create self-help groups and creative societies that will help in “Clean Energy and Green Jobs” initiative. He also announced an online trading platform for connection between farmers and buyers for agricultural and waste system under the GOBAR-Dhan Scheme.

Days after the main budget was announced, The Haryana Government led by BJP also announced for the Gobardhan Yojana which will help Haryana farmers to work on the Biogas initiatives and will the help farmers by providing Cow Dung and Cow Urine for other provisions.

In Mann Ki Baat PM Modi also talked about the issue of open defecation and how the Gobar Dhan Yojana can solve the issue with Swach Bharat Mission and drive India towards cleanliness. He also said through Gobar you can obtain energy and through Bio-Gas plant and convert that through a plant that will help the growth of the farmers.

  • Name: Gobar-Dhan Yojana
  • Full Form: galvanizing Organic Bio-Agro resources Dhan
  • Launched by: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley
  • Announced on: Budget 2018-19
  • Main set or people: Villagers and Farmers

Key Points of Gobar Dhan Yojana

  • From the Government, there is no implementation of budget for this program and how much amount will be allocated for this scheme.
  • Under this Scheme the Government has selected 4465 villages on the banks of River Ganga. The Government will also work this scheme under Swach Bharat Abhiyaan for the cleanliness of the country.
  • An amount of ₹16,713 has been decided and allocated for scheme like this and many more.
  • The amount has been decided and fixed according to the fiscal year of 2018-19.

Features of Gobar Dhan Yojana

  • Dual Fuel for the villagers by using solid waste.
  • Advantage to the villagers where then can learn about open defecation and cleanliness.
  • Different mode of Income generation through Bio-Gas and raw materials.

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Final Verdict:

We learnt about the Gobar Dhan Yojana and how it is helpful for the villagers. If you have any suggestions leave those in the comments below.

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