How to Check Uttarakhand Ration List Online?

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Uttarakhand Ration Card List 2021 :- Uttarakhand ration card, according to which the state government, with the help of the food supply department, provides rations like wheat, rice, pulses, oil etc. to the poor families of the state at affordable rates. However, till now there are many such poor families in Uttarakhand who were not able to take advantage of this scheme of the government, so recently the state government has decided to make ration card and add names of other family members to the ration card or renew the card. Online process was started to make ration card of all the poor family members of the state and they can get ration at affordable rates being distributed by the government.

Let us tell that friends, now those people who had recently applied to get their ration card made in the government’s started ration card online process or had amended their card to add the names of family members, then they can apply for their ration card. You can view the list online.

Because recently the Uttarakhand Ration Card List 2021 has been released by the government. According to the instructions of the government, whose name will be in this list, only the same will be able to get ration at subsidized rates from the food shop available in their area by the government. So now if you are also a resident of Uttarakhand, then you must see your name in this ration card 2021 list, which we have told in detail below. So let’s know –

What is Uttarakhand Ration Card? (What Is Uttrakhand Ration Card)

How to Check Uttarakhand Ration Card List Online?

To take advantage of the ongoing government schemes in the state of Uttarakhand, ration card is a document that is considered most important for every citizen to have. Uttarakhand state government provides this document to the citizens of the state according to their income so that all citizens can get the benefits of the schemes run by the government according to the financial condition of the families.

Name uttarakhand ration card list
State Uttarakhand
who will benefit poor citizens of weaker section
will benefit Wheat, Rice, Sugar etc at low price
Department food supply department
  • Prime Minister Garib Kalyan Yojana [PMGKY] Form – Online Application

This ration card is mainly issued in the name of the head of the family, in which the names of other eligible members of the family of the head are also added. Today Uttarakhand ration has become the most important and important document used in all the government schemes of the state, driving license, identity card etc.

Uttarakhand Ration Card List 2021 | Uttrakhand Ration Card

Those who had made their application in Uttarakhand Ration Card 2021 or did some processing in their ration card. Uttarakhand government has recently released the ration card list of all those citizens of the state, if you are also one of them and you want to take advantage of the schemes of the state government.

So definitely check your name in this Uttrakhand Ration Card List 2021. And if you have not applied to get your ration card made in the ration card scheme run by the government, then you must get your ration card made. To see the rest of the Uttrakhand Ration Card List 2021, follow this article of ours till the end –

Types of Uttarakhand Ration Card | Types Of Uttrakhand Ration Card

APL Ration Card -APL Ration Card

This ration card is only for the people of the state, who are living above the poverty line. 15 kg ration is provided to the beneficiary family holding this card at a concessional rate. For APL, such citizen families of the state whose annual income is less than 1 lakh can apply.

BPL Ration Card- (BBL Card)

This ration card is issued for those families of Uttarakhand. People who are living below poverty line. 25 kg ration is given to the beneficiary family holding this card. To apply for this card, the families that come below the poverty line must have an annual income of less than Rs 10,000.

AAY Ration Card

Uttarakhand issues this ration card for those families, whose life is living in extreme poverty. They either do not have any means of income or they have no fixed income. Such people can apply for this ration card. 35 kg ration is made available on this card.

How to Check Uttarakhand Ration Card List Online? | Check Online Uttrakhand Ration Card New List

Total Time: 30 minutes

Go to Portal Website

To see the beneficiary’s name in the Uttarakhand ration card list, first of all, the Food Supply Department of Uttarakhand Official Website on to go.

Click on Ration Card Details

Here on the homepage of the website, you will get the option of Ration Card Detail where you have to click.
Uttarakhand Ration Card List

Click on Know Your Ration Card

After clicking on Know Your Ration Card, you have to click on Know Your Ration Card.
Uttarakhand Ration Card List

Captha भरे

Now here you will get a page where you have to fill the below captcha code and verify it.
Uttarakhand Ration Card List

Select the information asked

After verifying the captcha code, you will get the form here where you have to click on the view report given below after selecting the information related to where you live like District, DSO Scheme, Report Name, etc.

Select your District Supply Office

Now here you have to click on the option of District Supply Office.

Choose your Tehsil

Now here the list of tehsil of your district will come out, just here you have to select your tehsil and click on the number given next.

Select Gram Panchayat

After clicking on the number given in front of the tehsil, the name of your village panchayat will come here.
Now you have to click on your Panchayat.

search your name

On clicking on the Gram Panchayat, the complete Uttarakhand ration card list of your village will come out.
Here you have to find your name and click on it.

see list

By clicking next to your name, the details of your entire family members will come here who will have been included in this new list.

Uttarakhand ration card question and answer

What is Uttarakhand Ration Card?

This is a very important document which is issued by the state government to the poor citizens so that the citizens of the state can take advantage of the schemes organized by the state and central government and can go to government shops and buy ration at a low price.

What is Uttarakhand Ration Card List?

This is a very important list which is issued by the state government of Uttarakhand. can.

By which department the ration card is issued in the state of Uttarakhand?

The ration card in the state of Uttarakhand is issued by the Uttarakhand Food and Civil Supplies Department to the citizens on the basis of their annual income, which contains the name and age of the head of the family as well as all other members.

Is there a fee to be paid for getting a ration card?

Yes, to make a ration card in the state of Uttarakhand, you will have to pay the fee set by the government, which is about 30 to ₹ 35, you will get information about it on the official website.

How many types of ration cards are issued by Uttarakhand?

On the basis of the annual income of the citizens residing in the state of Uttarakhand, mainly three types of ration cards are issued like APL ration card BPL ration card Antodaya ration card etc.

Friends, how did we see you Uttarakhand ration list online today? I hope that the information given by me must have been important to you and you must have easily done your application for Jharkhand Ration Card by following this article.

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