Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate

UP Cats Certificate Online Apply 2021 :- How to make Uttar Pradesh caste certificate online remains a question of many people today because caste certificate has become a very important document for the citizens of the state today it is used a lot in every government scheme. Because now it has become a necessary document for the citizens of Uttar Pradesh, so the government has now made the process of making it very easy. Yes friends, now the government has launched the official website for making Uttar Pradesh caste certificate, from where the residents of the state will now be able to make their caste certificate sitting at home.

It is very important for all the citizens living in the country to have some important documents prescribed by the government so that those important documents can be known that the person is an Indian citizen. When we talk about necessary documents, it is very important to have birth certificate and caste certificate, but till now citizens had to go here and there to get all these documents (UP Cats Certificate Online Apply). Only then could he get these papers made. Which used to become a cause of trouble for the person. But the Uttar Pradesh government is continuously working to reduce the problems faced by the citizens of the state.

As recently, the Uttar Pradesh government had launched an official website to make the people of the state’s Uttar Pradesh Birth Certificate (SC / ST OBC Parman Apply) online sitting at home, about which we have already told you in detail. have passed. the rest of you from here Uttar Pradesh Birth Certificate [ऑनलाइन आवेदन] | UP Birth Certificate Download You can know about it in detail. And till now, to get caste certificate for the citizens of the state, the government office had to go to the Lekhpal, so now the state government has launched a website portal to make the Uttar Pradesh caste certificate online. From where you citizen can get this important document made online.

Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate UP Cast Certificate

UP Cats Certificate Online Apply

Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate is a document that is issued by the Revenue Department (Board of Revenue – BOR) by the Government of Uttar Pradesh to the citizens. Which is such a document in which the caste of the person means that SC OBC, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and Backward Classes come under the category. And it is known to all that today when the government starts any scheme, it goes out according to the caste category, now as for the scholarship in the school, the government gives relaxation to SC category students as compared to OBC, ST. That is why today it is very important that every citizen of Uttar Pradesh must have his caste certificate.

scheme name Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate
State Uttar Pradesh
beneficiary Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Class Citizens
Application Process Online
Website click here

So friends, if you have not got this important document made yet, then you can get it done sitting at home through the online portal website started by the government. It is quite easy, you can easily apply it online on your computer/mobile with the help of internet from the official website started by the government. The rest we are going to tell you in detail through this article about how to do UP Cast Certificate kaise online. So friends, for your better information and for Online UP Cast Certificate, follow this article of ours –

Benefits of Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate

  • It is the most important document to know about the Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes of the citizens residing in the state.
  • It is used a lot today to take advantage of government schemes. Can do for admission and scholarship in the child’s college.
  • You can use it to get reservation in the job taken out by the government.

Documents Required for Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate

Rajasthan resident = The Uttar Pradesh government has prepared this portal for its citizens of Uttar Pradesh, so only the citizens who live in Uttar Pradesh can get their Uttar Pradesh caste certificate made from here.

Aadhar card : For the identity of the applicant, his Aadhar card is applied in this form, so if you are applying for Uttar Pradesh caste certificate, then you must have your Aadhar card with you.

income certificate : For proof of the income of the family, you must have an income certificate.

mobile number = When you will fill the form related to caste certificate to make Uttar Pradesh caste certificate, then mobile number OTP is required to submit it, so it is mandatory to have mobile number.

passport photo :- To apply for Uttar Pradesh caste certificate online, the passport photo of the applicant is necessary, which is attached to the caste certificate form.

How to Apply Online for Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate? | UP Cats Certificate Online Apply

So friends, now if you have not got your caste certificate made yet, then definitely get it done, now how can you get this letter made, for this you can easily get it made by following the steps given below –

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  • As soon as you click on the new user registration, here you will get a form in which you will have to fill all the necessary information like the name of the applicant, link, district, id, captcha code and click on the submit button in the form given below. Is.
UP Cats Certificate Online Apply
  • As soon as you fill your required information and submit it in the form, here you will get a password username which you have to note down and keep it.
  • now you have it again official website to go to the home page.
  • Here on the home page of the official website you will get the option of Registered User Login under New User Registration. Where you have to login by entering the username and password given above. You can also see in the screen short below.
Uttar Pradesh Birth Certificate
  • After login page, you will get a list here in which you have to select the caste certificate option.
  • As soon as you select the caste certificate, here you will get the form related to the caste certificate. In which you have to submit the form by filling your name, district, tehsil, caste, mobile number etc. and attaching the required documents, photo with the form.
  • Now here you have to take out the print of your caste certificate form and keep it, rest now your application for caste certificate has been done which will be made in about 10 to 15 days.

Important question and answer related to Uttar Pradesh caste certificate

What is Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate?

Caste certificate is a very important government document with the help of which it is ascertained which citizen belongs to which caste.

What are the benefits of Uttar Pradesh caste certificate?

If you want to take advantage of any scheme organized by the government or if your children want to apply for scholarship then you will need caste certificate.

Is a caste certificate issued for one family?

No, caste certificate is issued separately for each member of the family, which you can get made by visiting the official website of Uttar Pradesh Social Welfare Department.

Can caste certificate be used to get a government job?

Yes if you want to apply to get any government job and if you use caste certificate then you will get reservation on job.

After how many days the Uttar Pradesh caste certificate is issued after applying?

The caste certificate is issued between 15 days to 20 days from the date of application of Uttar Pradesh caste certificate.


So friends, in this way you can easily apply your caste certificate online from the official website launched by Uttar Pradesh and you can also download it. I hope that the information given in our article has been important to you, yet if Uttar Pradesh Caste Certificate is for you. If you are facing any problem in applying UP Cats Certificate Online, then you can ask us by commenting below in the comment box. Our team will join you soon and will assist you fully. Thank you

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